The Sixth Dog is a potential follower and is very tough to kill.


To obtain The Sixth Dog as a follower,one must appease Five Dog and then travel to the Shrine of Five Dog.


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  • Dog Tooth (Unique Asgarnian Katana with Absorb Health 75 points and Paraylyse effect)
  • Dog-Eye (Unique Azgarnian Crossbow,very accurate,sets all targets skills and attributes to one and blinds them for 40 seconds)


  • Hunters Cuirass (Chameleon 45%,Reflect 45%,fortify all magic skills by 20)
  • Assassins Pauldrons (Fortify Strength and ENdurance by 20 points,fortify blunt,spear and axe by 20 points).

Runners greaves and boots (Fortify Agility 20 points,Fortify speed 20 points,fortify block and most other combat skills by 20)