The player (Also known as The Fallen One) is the Protaganist of The Elder Scrolls Eleventy.


The Player was originally Talos's guard untill an argument with the Divine lead to The Player being sent to the human world to redeem themselves.Unfortunately,for the following 25,The Player lived a life of thievery and other villainy.Until boarding a ship to go to Tamriel.WHich serves as the games tutorial and character creation scene.

During TESXIItyEdit

During the events of the game,the player discovers a conflict between the Azgarnian's and the Drevlik.The Player is eventually drawn into this conflict,infiltrating forts,kill high ranking Drevlik/Azgarnians and other things.The Player,after finishign numerous missions,confronts Dai-Kú-Egnó-Kré,another Fallen One,at Temen-Ni-Gru,a tower stuck between the Human World and The realms of Oblivion.After numerous trials and fights,the player reaches the top.After a long fight with Dai,the player kills him by disarming him,slicing off his arm,slicing his stomach open and then stabbing him through the throat.But the Portal to Oblivion is still open,the player has 3 choices,do nothing,and send Tamriel to a painful demise,sacrifice the players own soul to close it,or take the soul of Graz-Ko-Hama,the players assistant.

After the gameEdit

After the events of the game,The Player is either banished to oblivion (If they let Tamriel be destroyed) or allowed to be a Divine once more (If any other ending is taken).The canon answer is that the player Sacrificed themselves.

In other gamesEdit

  • The Player's actions are what make the ELeventy universe survive,his destruction of the Wolf Clan saved the planet a few times (Fallout Eleventy) and his destruction of the Dark Sigil Stone prevented a deadly virus for thousands of years (Left 4 dead Eleventy),finally,his Ancestral Blood helped form new equipment for soldiers billions of years in the future (Mass Effect ELeventy,tempoarily cancelled.)