Skyders are a new enemy in Elder Scrolls Eleventy.


The Skyders were orignally the prestigious Sky Elf's, however Skyders started disagreeing with the Ten Divine's and their teachings,and began worshipping the Drevlik and Azgarnians instead.Upon discovering this,the Ten Divines cast a curse upon the Skyders, stripping of their magical ability and ungodly perception.To this end,the Skyders have adapted,they have an increased toughness and a proficieny with all combat and sneak arts.

In CombatEdit

Skyders usually wear Heavy or Medium armor, and are equipped with top quality weapons,usually enchanted.They can be found in random locations across Tamriel, in Fort Hallow, and in large quantitys in the Black Marsh for an unknown reason.


Skyder Elite


  • Due to the Skyders having a major disagreement with the Tenth Divine,if The Sixth Dog is a follower he will go in a frenzied state,attacking all Skyders blindy,dealing 50 Damage per hit,plus 60 Fire,Shock and Frost Damage, this ability is known as Five Dog's Fury.