Drevlik armor is the best Heavy Armor in the game,albeit seriously rare.


Helmet:15 Armor rating

Pauldrons:10 Armor Rating

Cuirass:60 Armor Rating

Gauntlets:15 Armor Rating

Greaves:20 Armor Rating

Boots:15 Armor Rating

Shield:30 Armor Rating


At level 60+,this armor becomes quite common,however,to obtain one early in the game,the player should choose Skyrim as their starting localé,from the starting town,go northwest to Fort Dragontail,which contains high amounts of daedric creatures and other nasties,at the very end of the fort (The Burial Ground) is a hidden switch (It's highlighted by a detect life spell,if you have one),activate it and you will reveal a hidden tunnel.

In this tunnel,there are a bunch of High Level creatures in the short way,so take the long way (The trap door near the entrance to the tunnel),it takes about 30 minutes to get to your destination,but there are only some Rats and Dragon Ant's in it.At the end there will be a Drevlik Overlord,who is cursed with a 200% weakness to magic and Fire.Use your starting elemental spell (Fireball,Snowball or Zap) twice and he should fall (Read:Not allDrevlik Overlords are this easy),on his corpse is a full set of full set of Drevlik armor and a Random Drevlik weapon.

Depending on your skills it will either be a Drevlik Katana (Long Blade), Drevlik Tanto (Short Blade), Drevlik Spear (Spear), Drevlik Warhammer (Blunt), or Drevlik War-Axe (Axe).The weapon decided is based on which skill is higher.IF all of these skills are the same level then the weapon is completly random.